Event Technology Awards Seeks Innovative Companies To Impress Industry

With entries for the 2016 Event Technology Awards well under way, organisers have announced an opportunity for innovative businesses to impress the industry with the second outing of the Peoples Choice Award.
The Favourite Event Technology Supplier award sunsetpoolscustomdesigns.com for companies that have developed an innovative technological solution which can be used to deliver monitor analyses or improve events will face a public vote before gold silver and bronze winners are revealed.

80-inch large touch screen, with only 1100g? Lazertouch mini projector has the answer

Science and technology development more often than not influence greatly how we work and live. Ever since 1980s when the first notebook came out its delicate thebobbyjack and portable design were a big hit then here comes Smart computer tablet PC and big touch screen display panel. Ever after we are going more further for the big touch screen devices with more new related products launched day after day they all signify our endless desire and attempt for giant touch screen.

CloudScrape is now Dexi

In the City of Copenhagen a small team of hard working data rebels has developed a revolutionising data extraction and intelligence tool dexi drcapriotti After three years of bootstrap development by the co-founder, and today the CTO at dexi Henrik Hofmeister the company launched in the summer of 2015 and finally received its first round of funding Complete Big Data Tool for Professionals Recently dexi.io relaunched the platform and besides rebranding from its early stage name …